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You gotta start somewhere

On a beautiful Saturday evening, as I sat by my window, relishing the gentle caress of the fresh, cool breeze on my face and observing people strolling by, children on their bicycles, and vendors peddling fruits and vegetables from their carts, I found myself reflecting on my writing. I have a habit of jotting down ideas whenever they strike me, allowing them to develop. When it’s time to write, I pick one and start. Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that I had written about starting and publishing my blog, but I hadn’t shared how my writing journey began. Voila! I knew exactly what I wanted to write about, and that’s what you’re about to read in this post.

I’m not someone who maintains a daily journal, but I do record my thoughts, emotions, and feelings occasionally, whether they be moments of joy or times of melancholy. It’s a pleasure to flip through those pages and relive the happy moments, while the sad ones I leave buried within.

During my writing and expression of feelings, I discovered that I have a knack for speaking my mind. There were times when I found it difficult to communicate certain things directly to someone. I would be at a loss for words, contemplating what the other person would think, and whether I should or shouldn’t express myself. Sometimes, conversations would veer off course, leaving the core issue unaddressed.

Then, the idea struck me that since I could express myself clearly and succinctly in writing, why not apply the same principle? It worked. Ideas and feelings were conveyed, leaving little room for misinterpretation or argument. However, I kept this process to myself, and it brought me satisfaction.

At that time, with a baby, I struggled to find time to read books. I was determined to make reading a regular habit. I felt that reading digitally might be more convenient, so I explored online reading apps. During a conversation with a friend in the park, she introduced me to Pratilipi, an app she was using and highly recommended. The first thing I did after returning home was to download the app.

As I read a couple of stories and explored the platform, I noticed a small icon that said: “Write.” It meant we could write and publish on any topic. After contemplating this for a few days and discussing it with friends and my husband, who all encouraged me to give it a try, it became clear to me that I should write. Then came the question: what should I write about? My mind was buzzing. My husband suggested a few topics to make things easier for me, and one of them, my journey through motherhood and pregnancy, caught my interest. I immediately picked up a pen and paper and started writing. After some editing, the final draft was typed and published as “Miracles Happen.”

The positive feedback from friends gave me the confidence to write on a public platform. I wrote a short fiction story titled “The Love letter-Distance Matters” based on a daily topic provided by the app. My friend suggested that the story was touching and wished there was more to it, which inspired me to turn it into a series. It was my first attempt at writing a series, and I received good feedback, boosting my confidence further.

From there, I continued writing whenever I found the time, gradually making it a habit to write regularly. Consistency was the key. When faced with criticism about my writing, I initially felt hurt, but I learned to extract what I considered valuable for my improvement and growth. People will critique whatever you do, but to progress, you need to discern what and how much to take in, which is precisely what I’m doing.

The idea of starting a blog emerged, as I mentioned in my previous post, “What Was I Waiting For?” I started exploring different genres – fiction (short stories and series), non-fiction, open conversations on general topics, and beauty tips. Over the course of nearly 20 months, I’ve seen the evolution in my work. I may not be the best, but I’m proud of the journey I’ve embarked on. Writing is something I love, and every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and eventually reach my goals.

If you’re interested in reading more, you can find my posts on my website, and you can connect with me on my Instagram page, akshatashanbhagblog. It’s my effort and dedication that you’ll find in my writing.


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3 thoughts on “You gotta start somewhere”

  1. Hi Akshata,
    Nicely penned down your thoughts. In our day to day life we forget about our likes, hobbies, interests etc. and thinks keeps moving. So we need to start somewhere to provide a route to our thoughts and just explore the world around you.
    By reading your thoughts it made me really nostalgic. It’s nice to turn the pages and go back and read a book of your life. Thinking about the moments which made us happy/sad.

    All the best for your next articles.

  2. Hey Akshata,
    You are a brilliant writer and I enjoy reading your work. I am glad you embarked on this writing journey and were able to pen down your thoughts so beautifully. Small things become great when it’s done with love and dedication. Glad you pursued your idea and did not leave it at that. Great going 👍
    Best wishes,

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