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LIFE… Our journey is marked by its peaks and valleys, and we each navigate these twists and turns in our own distinct ways. Nonetheless, there are moments when individuals find themselves contemplating the extreme option of ending their lives. Have you, too, found yourself at a crossroads where such thoughts have crossed your mind?

There exist various reasons why someone might entertain the idea of terminating their life. However, if they were to pause and reflect on their actions, considering the ripple effect it would create among their loved ones and questioning whether such a drastic step is truly warranted, it might dissuade them from carrying out such a harrowing act.

When we encounter news or stories of individuals who have taken their own lives, we often grapple with understanding how someone blessed with wealth or seemingly leading a fulfilling life could arrive at such a decision. Yet, in that moment, only the individual who made that fateful choice comprehends the intricate web of circumstances that led them to that point, irrespective of their financial status or achievements. It’s heart-wrenching to realize that someone has reached a juncture where they perceive ending their life as the only conceivable option.

Jayatirtha, a profound thinker in Hindu philosophy and the sixth spiritual leader of the Madhavacharya Peetha, sheds light on the notion that an intense yearning for happiness might be at the root of the attempts by individuals suffering from incurable afflictions to find solace through the act of suicide.

In my personal experiences, I’ve encountered numerous individuals who have opted to take their own lives. Some were weighed down by the burden of debt, while others grappled with personal demons, and at times, the reasons might seem insignificant when viewed through the lens of their family members. The void left by these individuals profoundly affects their loved ones, leaving an indelible emptiness that endures over time. As time moves forward, their absence remains palpable, a testament to the lasting impact they’ve had on those they left behind.

In the grand spectrum of existence, many individuals fight valiantly for their lives. Some bravely face life-threatening illnesses, acutely aware of the fleeting nature of time, yearning for the opportunity to rewrite their life’s narrative. Yet, paradoxically, there are individuals who make the decision to prematurely extinguish their own flame.

We’re entrusted with just one life. Let us stand strong, courageous, and wholeheartedly embrace it. Live, love, laugh, and firmly believe that the pursuit of life is a gamble worth taking.

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  1. My God!!
    How well you write Akshatha !!
    Amazed !
    Loved your thoughts about Life! How profound!
    You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful mature mind

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