When I first started writing and publishing on a public platform, least did I know that someday, I would have a blog for myself. 


 One day over a conversation with my brother, he told me – 

“What if the app that you are writing on shuts down someday? What will happen to your work? All that you have written will be lost.” I pondered over it and realised what he said was true. I did not have much content to publish back then which gave me a reason to procrastinate and put off the matter for a few days. 


He surprised me one day by setting up a website and sending me the link to it. I could not have done it myself because I don’t know anything about it.No background at all. Even after that, I did not do anything about it for some time. The website was like an unwrapped gift waiting for me to explore. 


After a few weeks, my brother asked me again – 

” Why aren’t you writing anything on the website? Have you gone through it or not?” 

I smiled and replied, ” I did open it but haven’t gone through it.”

“But why haven’t you gone through it  ?” He asked me.

“Okay, I will check it out.” I replied.


That night,  I logged in. Explored the website and learned how to upload posts and images. 

It did take some time, but I did learn it. 


I kept postponing the date to share my website with everyone. Why was I doing this? It was not that my articles were not read by anyone earlier. But then something was stopping me. What was it -fear? Fear of what? What are people going to say? Will they like it? Was it worth it? So many thoughts kept creeping into my mind and I conveniently kept delaying.


Every time I kept telling myself let’s do it tomorrow. There were many tomorrows accumulated and my pockets were full of these tomorrows that I could no longer carry their weight. I am not the person who puts away things. But this time, I did. 


I was reading the book “THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG” by David J. Schwartz. It’s a wonderful classic book. If you haven’t read it, please do. It did give me the confidence to buckle up and take the necessary action.


When I was reading the chapter -Get the action habit, I came across these key points.


  • Action cures fear.
  • Do what you fear and fear disappears.
  • Take action, dig in and move the spirit. Don’t wait for the spirit to move you.
  • Be an “I’m starting right now” kind of person. Tomorrow, next week, and later are synonymous with failure word never.
  • Don’t waste time getting ready to act. Start acting instead.
  • Show that you have the ability and ambition to do so.
  • Power of positive thinking.


Well, I was aware of these things. I guess we all are. But then somewhere I needed a push to get going and for me, it was this chapter. I immediately grabbed my gadget and started taking the necessary action. In a couple of days, I shared my blog and voila!! you all are reading it today.


After which, I did feel a sense of relief. The enthusiasm to write more. It feels good to know that people read what I write.  Feedback ( positive or negative) gives me a chance to grow. 


Now at times I do sit back and think, what was I waiting for? 

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” God Bless You !!”



15 thoughts on “WHAT WAS I WAITING FOR?”

  1. It’s a beautiful Write up and I am sure like me, many others will relate to it.

    Ironically I was thinking …are these words enough to be posted on someone’s blog, will it really matter and I almost did not post…haha.

    So I guess me posting it say a lot about how much I liked this post.
    Waiting for more.

  2. You write for yourself, not for others. Let others read & comment. It’s not your task to think about what others think. So, keep writing ✍️ ..
    Good luck

  3. Excellent content!! Guess many will fall into this category.
    I should download a copy (if the website permits) and read it often 😄😶

    Loved it.

  4. Beautiful write up and I am sure everyone can relate to it.. we all procrastinate something. Glad you started your own blog and we get to read your amazing work !! How sweet of your brother to set it up all for you !!
    Action cures Fear.. accomplishing it gives immense satisfaction
    Always look forward to reading your work

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