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I remember every single detail of the day my daughter was born. When the D-day had arrived, for a moment I was like no let her stay inside of me. Separation anxiety. When I recollect about it today, I smile at that thought.

When my gynaecologist asked my husband if it was a boy or a girl after he had pulled out the baby, I was so thrilled. I was waiting for my husband to respond. I looked at him and he smiled.
The doctor said – ” It’s a girl. ”
Tears rolled from my eyes and I whispered to myself,” Princess”. I had always wished for a daughter. Daughters are Angels in disguise. Aren’t they?

The first time I held her close to me-first kiss, the first time I breastfed her, the first picture and a lot more first times…they are memories of a lifetime. They all are still fresh in my mind. Due to the pandemic, her first year of schooling was online. This year, her on-campus school resumed.

I had a strange feeling whenever I thought that V (the name of my daughter begins with the alphabet V) would be in school for little more than three hours. I guess the feeling is natural for every mother. Of course, I want her to go to school, learn, play, and enjoy. School is fun. I had a great time in school. But then this is also the first time that I would be leaving V amongst people other than family. So far I had hardly left her and gone out. When I did, it was either with my husband or grandparents. I was sure V was going to adapt well to the new environment.

When I saw my daughter in the uniform, she was excited. We all were. But I, at the same time, was anxious too. Time flies by so quickly. It was like just yesterday I held her tiny hands and today she is grown up and going to school. My eyes were moist.

My husband and I dropped her off at the school gate. I kept gazing at her until she went inside. I could not take my eyes off her. After we got home, I continued with my routine but my mind kept thinking about my daughter- I hope she is okay, has she eaten her snack? Is she liking it ?….neverending thoughts. I was eager to go pick her up.

We were waiting at the school gate. After the school hours, the teachers were bringing all the students and we were looking out for our little one. Upon seeing her, I was delighted and I waved my hand. She saw me and smiled. V came to us and said she had fun in school. We happily came home.

All parents go through this phase. It is exciting and most mothers are a little anxious for the first few days ( from what I have heard). Well, this is just the beginning and there is a long journey ahead. Both for the parents and child(ren).

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  1. You’ve depicted the truth in such a way that it brought a wonderful feel for the day… Keep writing and posting 🙂

  2. Loved your writing Akshatha
    You have expressed your thoughts so well – something all of us mothers have felt!
    Happy school days to little V

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