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U Turn

Imagine waking up in a mortuary every single day, only to relive events that always end in a fatal car crash.This is Saahil’s terrifying reality. Confused and scared, he desperately seeks to understand what’s happening to him and find a way to escape this deadly cycle.


Loud crying…

Saahil wakes up and is outraged to find himself in a mortuary. He walks towards the door and through the glass, sees his family crying. He bangs the door but they are unable to see or hear Saahil.


The nurse enters the room and checks some files. Saahil walks to the nurse- 

” Please open the door.  My family is waiting outside.  

What am I doing here?”

Suddenly Saahil hears a loud burst of laughter. When he looks around, the people lying in the mortuary wake up one by one and continue laughing.  


“What is going on here?” Saahil asks in anger.

” Saahil, you are dead and so are we.

In the next few minutes, you will be taken for a postmortem”.

“This can’t be. I am not dead. I am only 27. 

It’s my birthday tomorrow.

Dad is giving me a car.” 


A girl with a distorted face wakes up. Saahil freaks upon seeing her.  

” I am only 14. Look at my face.

 These are burn marks.  I don’t deserve to die either.  But I am dead. ” 


The unrestrained loud laughter continues. 

” No, no, stop it all of you.” 

Saahil sees the nurse walking out and runs behind her. The door is almost about to shut. He manages to sneak out through the narrow space. 


” Mom, dad, why are you crying? 

I am right in front of you.” 

They continue crying. Saahil greets everyone walking in the corridor but no one responds. From the morgue, Saahil hears a loud bang on the door. They are calling him inside. Saahil starts to sweat profusely.

” No, I don’t want to get in there.

I am not dead. This is a dream. 

Yes, this is a  dream.” Saying this he slaps himself.

“I must get out of here. But what about my parents?

When I am not here, it’s obvious they will return home. I must go home.”


Saahil does not want to take the lift. He fears that someone might catch and lock him in the morgue again. He looks for the exit door and gallops. He realises that he does not have his phone or money. He stops every car, cab and auto that can drop him home but his try goes futile.


Saahil walks as fast as he can, picks up the pace and starts to run. Every few minutes he looks back to see if anyone is following him. He finally reaches home. Saahil is pleasantly surprised to see the car with a red satin bow tied to it parked in the compound which his dad is going to gift him on his birthday tomorrow. He goes near the car and peeps through the window to see the interiors. It’s exactly the way he wanted it.


Saahil goes to the main door. It’s locked. He knows where to find the keys. He opens the door and enters the house. He gets fresh and changes his clothes. Saahil looks at himself in the mirror.

“I can see myself in the mirror. I knew I wasn’t dead.

But what was I doing in the morgue?”

Saahil quickly picks up the phone and calls his dad. He does not get a reply. Tries his mother’s number. She has left the phone at home as Saahil can hear the ring coming from the bedroom.


Irritated, he takes the car keys and starts the engine. Suddenly, he hears a knock on the window. Saahil is shocked to see people from the morgue around his car. All of them in the chorus start saying-

“No. Do not drive it today. It’s your birthday gift. Wait for a couple more hours.

Then it’s all yours. Go inside and get some rest.

It has been a long day. Your sister will be coming with the cake.”


Saahil refuses to listen. He puts his feet on the accelerator and drives as fast as he can. He loses control and bangs into a stationary truck. His car topples and Saahil loses consciousness.


After some time he regains his senses. He wakes up with a jerk and finds himself in the morgue again.

“See, we told you not to drive. 

You did not listen and hence you are back here.” An old man on the next bed tells Saahil.


Saahil walks up to the door and sees his parents crying. The same sequence repeats.The nurse, him getting out of the morgue.

“No, this time I will not drive the car.

I need to do things differently.”


Saahil hurriedly walks down the stairs. He misses a step and rolls down. The hospital staff picks him up. His blood pressure drops and goes into a coma. When he wakes up this time, he is in the morgue again.


The 14-year-old girl remarked, “You opted for the stairs again, just like last time.” The old man cautioned, “Be cautious; any minor error could bring you back here. Once more.” In unison, the individuals in the morgue chimed in, wishing Saahil luck, accompanied by unbridled laughter.


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