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“What did the doctor say, Dad?
What is wrong with me?”
Jacob and Lucy were quiet. They were staring at each other.

“Mom, Dad I am talking to you.
Why is no one telling me anything?”
Lucy was in tears. Jacob was trying and controlling his emotions. Their daughter Carol was ill and they did not know how to divulge the news to her.

A few days ago, Carol celebrated her 18th birthday. Carol’s family had hosted a small get-together at home which included close family and friends. Carol had secured a spot at one of the top universities in the UK, pursuing a major in English. Her accomplishment was seen as a perfect reason to commemorate and rejoice.

About two months had elapsed when Carol began to experience a sense of unease. Initially attributing it to stress – given the recent flurry of exams and admission activities – she dismissed it. However, as time went on, her discomfort grew. Resorting to taking a few pills, Carol failed to address the issue in a significant manner.

As they were enjoying themselves on the dance floor during the party, Carol suddenly experienced a bout of dizziness. Her vision became blurred, and before she knew it, she collapsed. The following day, after a series of tests were conducted, Carol’s parents received the shocking news from the doctor. The doctor recommended taking her to the hospital for further treatment, leaving her parents devastated.

Carol knew that something was wrong with her since her parents had been acting weird. When they reached the hospital, Carol stepped out. She was shocked to know where her parents had got her.
” Dad, Mom, I have cancer? ”
Carol looked at her parents and was in tears. They were in tears too. Carol walked toward her dad and hugged him. I don’t want to die so soon dad.
” No darling, you won’t. That is why we are here to treat you.
You will get better soon. ”
” Mom, I want to live. ”
” Yes, baby you will. You will get better soon.
Girls’ night out is waiting for us.” Lucy winked at Carol. Laughter filled the air as all three of them burst into fits of giggles.

Carol was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After discussing with the doctor, Carol was advised to start her chemotherapy next week. She was strong and confident that everything is going to be all right and very soon she will be able to join college. She was not going to let her dream shatter.

“Hi, I am Ryan.”

Ryan, a management student, was suffering from leukaemia. His family did not have sufficient funds for the treatment. It was through an organisation that his treatment was taken care of as he was a meritorious student and had mostly completed his education through scholarship.

Ryan was also undergoing chemotherapy. While he was waiting in the lobby for his turn, he met Carol. Ryan had seen Carol when she visited the hospital for the first time. He could recognise her and hence he struck the conversation.

” So chemotherapy huh? ” Ryan smiled and asked Carol.
“No, I am on a date. Waiting for my boyfriend.” Carol snapped at him.
” Okay, I am sorry to bother you. Miss…”

Carol was not comfortable talking to a stranger.

Ryan continued,
” I know it’s hard. But then in such a difficult phase, why frown?
They say chemo works better if you smile. ”

Carol smiled at Ryan and they engaged in a friendly chat. Once their respective treatments were completed, their parents arrived to pick them up.

Both of them found themselves thinking about each other over the next few days. Interestingly, their chemotherapy sessions happened to align on the same day, and if they weren’t already scheduled together, they would coordinate to make sure they coincided. In a short span, their friendship grew stronger.

The two of them supported each other mentally and emotionally. The two had found a reason to live.
” You know Ryan, I cannot be a mother? I am having my ovaries removed.
Cancer has spread beyond expected.”
” Oh dear, no worries you can adopt. You will be a great mother. ” Ryan comforted Carol.
Carol knew that she couldn’t make it but yet she tried to be positive hoping she is going to recover, marry and have a family.

Ryan’s health was also deteriorating. He needed blood transfusions. The two were admitted on the same day. They requested with the staff that after the procedure they would be put in the same ward. The staff obliged.

Carol was recovering. She soon found out that she would be discharged from the hospital. While Carol felt a sense of sadness due to Ryan’s prolonged stay in the hospital, she couldn’t visit him as she herself was under doctor’s orders for bed rest. On the other hand, Ryan expressed happiness for Carol’s recovery and well-being.

” I feel bad Ryan, that I am getting discharged and you still have to stay here.
I will not be able to visit you often. ”
” Hey Carol, don’t worry. You are crying like this is our last visit. ”
” I love you, Ryan.”
Ryan was happy to hear as he too had the same feelings for Carol.
” I love you too Carol.”
Hoping I will make it out of the hospital as early as possible. ”
” You will Ryan. You will.” Carol kissed Ryan on his forehead and left.

Carol and Ryan spoke over the phone every day. They missed each other’s company. One morning Carol had a strange feeling. She wanted to meet Ryan desperately. If she had told her parents about it, then they would not let her go as she needed rest and hence without informing anyone she went to the hospital.

Carol was restless. She could sense it. Ryan’s bed was empty. Carol was in tears. The nurse approached Carol and comforted her.
” What is wrong Ma’am?
How may I help you?
Please be seated. Please tell me what happened? ”

Carol was about to reply to the nurse when someone kept a hand on her shoulder. Carol turned around.
” Ryan? Are you alive?
Yes of course I am alive.
What did you think? ”
” I saw your bed empty and thought that you…
Why are you dressed like this in white?
Like an angel. ”
Ryan started laughing.
” I have been released from the hospital.
I am free from my sufferings.”
” I am glad you are discharged, Ryan.
But I don’t know why I have that sense of anxiety Ryan.
My intuition never goes wrong.”
” Close your eyes, Carol. Close them.
Just hug me tight. I am right here whenever you need me.
I am your guardian angel .”
Carol squeezed her eyes tightly shut, her thoughts filled with Ryan’s presence.

” Ryan, Ryan, Ryan….” Carol’s voice echoed, her heart yearning for him.
“Sweetheart, what’s the matter?
Did you dream about Ryan? ” Lucy asked Carol.
Carol woke up from her sleep.
” Ryan is always with us.
You need to rest.
Close your eyes and go back to sleep. ”

Carol falls asleep again dreaming about her love.


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