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Let’s Laugh Together

On the final day of college before their exams, the 12th class students aimed to create lasting memories. The juniors organized various activities to bid farewell to their seniors. Khushi, eager to showcase her talents in dancing and stand-up comedy, had been looking forward to this day. Unfortunately, her plans were thwarted when her classmates rejected her participation.

Surprisingly, on the day when class 11 students were allowed half a day off to prepare for the event, Khushi remained in class. Her teacher, Ms. Rita, noticed her presence and decided to talk to her. Sensing a private conversation, Rita spoke to Khushi in the classroom, away from others.

“Khushi, I’d like to talk to you,” Rita said.

“Sure, what is it, Mam?” Khushi replied.

“I’m surprised you’re not participating tonight. You’re a talented dancer, and I’ve seen your comedy videos online. Your Marriage proposal act had me in stitches. I thought you’d be eager to perform. What happened?”

Overwhelmed by emotion, Khushi burst into tears, leaving Rita puzzled. “Why are you crying?” Rita asked, concerned.

“Mam, I was really looking forward to today. I wanted to showcase my comedy act live for my friends, and also perform a dance. But my classmates rejected my participation,” Khushi explained.

“Why on earth would they reject you?” Rita asked, surprised.

“They said I was fat.”

Rita was taken aback by Khushi’s revelation. “What does your weight have to do with your talent?” Rita questioned.

“They believe people will laugh at my appearance rather than my comedy. They said I’d embarrass them and the show would be a failure. They even mentioned my dark skin, saying I’d need too much makeup to look presentable. I felt like a joke to them,” Khushi shared.

Rita was deeply moved by Khushi’s words. “Get ready and come for the event, Khushi. Let’s see who stops you,” Rita assured her.

“But Mam, they might continue to bully me afterward. I won’t be able to face college every day. At least now, a few people talk to me,” Khushi worriedly expressed.

“Believe me, Khushi, things will be okay. See you at 5 pm. Don’t be late,” Rita assured.

“Are you sure, Mam?”

“Absolutely. See you at 5, Khushi. Bye.”

Khushi’s spirits were lifted by Rita’s support. She hurried home, practiced her routines, got dressed, and made her way to the college. However, nervousness overtook her excitement as she approached the event. Doubts clouded her mind, and her enthusiasm dwindled. When she reached the college gates, she hesitated on whether to enter.

At around 6 pm, Rita came out of the auditorium and spotted Khushi at the gate. She waved Khushi to come upstairs. “Why were you waiting outside, Khushi? I’ve been waiting for you,” Rita questioned.

“Teacher, I’m not sure about this,” Khushi replied hesitantly.

“Trust me, Khushi, this is the best decision. You won’t regret it. Let’s go in,” Rita encouraged.

With Rita’s guidance, Khushi entered the auditorium. Rita assured her, “Stand by. When I call you up, own that stage. Be strong and confident. You’ve got this. Don’t let critics deter you from your dreams.” As the event proceeded, Rita took the stage and introduced Khushi.

“Good evening, everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves. Tonight, we have a talented performer who will have you laughing until your sides hurt. Please put your hands together for Khushi!” Rita announced.

All eyes turned to Khushi, and a hushed silence fell over the crowd. Gathering her courage, Khushi approached the stage and took the microphone. Despite initial apprehension, her performance captivated the audience, and the initial skepticism turned into genuine enjoyment. From that point on, Khushi’s comedic talent became a sensation. She received numerous invitations for performances, eventually turning her passion into a career.

Khushi attributed her success to Rita, the teacher who believed in her when others doubted her. Rita’s unwavering support and encouragement propelled Khushi to newfound heights. Rita was overjoyed to witness Khushi’s growth and success, knowing that her dedication had made a significant impact on a young woman’s life.



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