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The Doll

In a tranquil suburban neighborhood, Lisa and her daughter Irene embark on a fresh start following the loss of Lisa’s husband. Their lives take a bizarre and chilling turn when Irene forms an inexplicable bond with a doll named Sharon, who seems to have a sinister influence over the young girl. As the story unfolds, an eerie and tragic sequence of events unravels, leaving a new family to inherit a sinister legacy.


Irene, Irene… “Yes, Mommy.” “Are you in the basement?” “Mommy, Mommy, look what I’ve found! Isn’t this doll beautiful?” “Yes, it is beautiful, Irene.” “Can I have it, Mommy? Please.” “Sure, you can.” “Thanks, Mommy.” Irene hugs and kisses her mother.

Lisa and her seven-year-old daughter Irene move to the suburbs following the passing of Lisa’s husband, Nick. Lisa hopes for a fresh start away from the city. With Nick’s insurance money, she buys a house with a lovely garden and a spacious play area for Irene in front of the house. The neighbourhood is beautiful, with a church across the street and a serene environment, making it an ideal place for Lisa and Irene to settle. Lisa also secures a teaching job at Irene’s school.

Within a month, they both settle into their new home, make friends in the neighborhood, and enjoy their new life. One day, while Irene is playing hide and seek with her mother, she hides in the basement and discovers a doll. The sight of the doll captivates Irene, and she becomes enamoured with it. She holds the doll close and kisses it, and to her surprise, the doll seems to whisper to her.

“I am your friend. We both have a long way to go. Take me along with you,” the doll seems to say.

Irene gazes at the doll and asks, “Did you just talk to me?”

The doll blinks and replies, “My name is Sharon.”

Irene takes the doll and rushes to her mother, eager to share her discovery. However, their conversation is interrupted when neighbours pay a visit. In her free time, Irene enjoys playing with Sharon.

Irene was deeply attached to her father, and his loss had left her silent, which worried Lisa. After moving to the new house, Lisa is pleased to see her daughter happy and believes that relocating was the right decision.

One day, Lisa notices that Irene carries Sharon everywhere and talks to her, pretending that the doll can talk. Lisa laughs and says, “You are just imagining, Irene. This doll cannot talk.”

Sharon seems to respond to Irene by saying, “No one can understand our relationship. They are all jealous. That’s why even your friends laugh when you say this. You hear me, right?” Irene nods in agreement.

As days pass, Irene becomes increasingly attached to the doll and their relationship grows stronger. Irene’s behaviour begins to change, and she becomes violent and obstinate, often refusing to listen to her mother. Irene tells Lisa that she follows only Sharon’s instructions, which deeply concerns Lisa. Eventually, Lisa decides to get rid of the doll.

While Irene is sleeping, Lisa tries to remove the doll from her side. However, Irene wakes up and accuses her mother of trying to take Sharon away, believing that her mother is motivated by jealousy. Lisa leaves Irene’s room.

A few days later, while Lisa is sleeping at night, Irene sneaks into her room and stabs her mother with a knife. She claims that Sharon instructed her to do it and that Lisa doesn’t belong in their home. Irene then takes the doll to the terrace and asks, “What do you want me to do now, Sharon? I killed my mother. Now it’s just you and me.”

Sharon shocks Irene by instructing her to jump from the terrace. Irene hesitates, saying, “I will die too, Sharon. But I don’t want to die.”

Sharon responds with laughter, saying, “No, you won’t. Just jump, Irene. As I said, only one person stays in this house and rules.” Irene jumps off the terrace.

The next morning, the police discover the bodies and remove them from the scene. Lisa’s relatives are informed of their deaths. The house is cleaned and put up for sale. A new family of four moves in, including a husband, wife, an eight-year-old son, and a five-year-old daughter.

The daughter finds the doll while playing in the garden, and she asks her mother if she can keep it. Initially hesitant, the mother agrees due to her daughter’s insistence, and the father supports the decision. The girl is happy and names the doll Violet. The doll winks and says, “See, I told you they might not like me. Don’t worry, now you are with me. I will protect you. My name is Violet. What should I name you?” The doll replies, “I already have a name, Violet. I am Irene. Now we are best friends. You will now do as I say.”

Violet hugs the doll tightly and begins playing with it.



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