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“Massive Sale: Enjoy 60-70% Off on All Items.” “Buy One, Get One Free!” “Avail Rs 500 Discount on Purchases Over Rs 2000.”

We’re all familiar with these phrases, aren’t we? Whenever we come across such offers, it triggers a positive response. Often, we succumb to the temptation and make purchases, even if they weren’t initially on our list, and sometimes, we end up buying more than we intended.

Pricing psychology delves beyond mere deals and discounts. Researchers have uncovered specific psychological triggers that attract shoppers (that’s us) to particular types of promotions, motivating us to make purchases. These promotions are often coupled with a sense of urgency like “Offer ends today” or “Last two days. Act fast!” When consumers stumble upon enticing deals, it alters their thinking and emotions, invoking feelings of excitement, pleasure, happiness, and other positive outcomes.

Research reveals that receiving a discount triggers an increase in the “feel good” hormone called oxytocin. This phenomenon is a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers, as shoppers seek out deals to sustain those positive feelings.

Here’s a fact backed by statistics: Coupons and discounts generate happiness, deals drive overall revenue, and promotions heavily influence purchasing decisions. Shoppers are more inclined towards receiving something extra for free rather than just a price reduction. For instance, a bonus pack offering a free hand lotion along with a purchase attracts more attention than the same lotion with an equivalent price reduction. As emotional beings, we’re naturally drawn to free offers, perceiving them as better deals than mere discounts.

The realm of discounts involves intricate psychology that elucidates how sellers entice consumers to purchase specific products. If you’re intrigued, delve into the Psychology of Discounts; you’ll be captivated by its mechanisms.

Purchasing discounted items, enjoying freebies, and availing promotional offers isn’t inherently wrong. Discounts are seemingly straightforward — who doesn’t appreciate saving money?












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  1. Hi Akshatha ,
    I for one ..will move away whenever I see that sale or discount word while shopping !
    I enjoy shopping — and enjoy researching before I buy , so would like to buy something that is in trend , and can be used for long .
    somehow I have a feeling , only old clearance stock gets on sale or when the style or model is changing be it clothes , accessories or white goods .
    I do not like buy one get one free …concept of buying or hording –this is so American and so much of hoarding things you may never want .
    I like to buy things that I enjoy rather than giving in to impulsive buying

    1. Absolutely. You are right. Hope all of us could think on the same line. They are clearance stock / damaged products / or as you said out of trend. I have also noticed that unlike when there is a sale of expensive products ( say for eg – iPhone / teak wood furniture) , we think twice to buy. We get all sorts of doubts in our minds – why so less? Is the quality good? Will it last long? On the contrary for something as small as a body lotion, we don’t put in that much of an effort.

      I did enjoyed writing this piece as I got to read many things about discounts and how our mind works w.r.t it. I hope you enjoyed reading it too.

      Love, Akshata.

  2. I enjoy researching and buying items. I do look at the Sale section. In some countries, the prices of certain items are initially marked up and then the sale season comes on. Not necessarily the goods are damaged or out of trend. It could be a summer sale or a festive sale. I have certainly got items during Sale which have been useful to me and my family for the season ahead. It just gives me the sense of satisfaction that I did not overpay for a particular item. The items are in perfect condition, with an order online it’s delivered to my door in its pristine condition.
    So sale on items you definitely need is worth going for !

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