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Transformation through Forgiveness

Shivam, a young boy, carried an air of arrogance around him. Polite phrases like “please,” “sorry,” and “thank you” were foreign to him. He had an entitled demeanour, expecting respect while showing none to others, especially his elders. Despite relentless efforts by his parents and teachers to mend his ways, his behaviour remained stubbornly unchanged. …

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” God Bless You !!”

Have you ever pondered why many of us feel compelled to utter some form of “Bless you” after someone sneezes? Is it a matter of good manners dictating this response? Whether it’s a thunderous nasal explosion or a tiny “achoo,” it seems that no sneeze is complete without a “Bless you.” This automatic response even …

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On a recent day, as I waited at a traffic signal for the lights to change, I observed a gathering of blind men and women confidently navigating the opposite side of the road, guided by a sighted woman who held their white canes. This sight prompted me to reflect on the experience of prolonged blindness. …