Coping Strategies for Dealing with Chronic Complainers

  Encountering various individuals throughout our lives is inevitable. However, there are some who constantly complain, not only about their own lives but also about others. Regardless of your efforts to help them, they remain unhappy, dissatisfied, and critical. Pleasing such individuals is challenging because they possess a preset mindset to mock you regardless of …

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Is the word “woman” a synonym for the word “kitchen”? Then why is it that in our society women are forced mainly to do the house chores and cooking? Unlike men, why is it that women are not supported and encouraged to be independent? An acquaintance -Tara( name changed), had completed her MBBS. It was …

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Let’s Laugh Together

On the final day of college before their exams, the 12th class students aimed to create lasting memories. The juniors organized various activities to bid farewell to their seniors. Khushi, eager to showcase her talents in dancing and stand-up comedy, had been looking forward to this day. Unfortunately, her plans were thwarted when her classmates …

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