Finding Joy Within

  Happiness is indeed a state of mind and shouldn’t excessively rely on external factors. We often believe that material possessions like buying a house, luxury cars, or designer clothes can bring happiness, but this is a misconception. While they may provide momentary pleasure, they don’t guarantee long-term fulfillment. That’s not to say one shouldn’t …

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Kindness Unleashed

In a world that often seems driven by self-interest and rewards, the words of Leonardo Da Vinci echo with profound truth – “Realise that everything connects to everything else.” It is in this intricate web of connections that acts of kindness and gratitude find their place, shaping the fabric of human interactions. A timeless fable …

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On a recent day, as I waited at a traffic signal for the lights to change, I observed a gathering of blind men and women confidently navigating the opposite side of the road, guided by a sighted woman who held their white canes. This sight prompted me to reflect on the experience of prolonged blindness. …