ROSE- A Story of Love and Hate

Chapter-1 THE MESSAGE   ” Mom, Mom ….”  ” What is it, Rose? You look nervous.  Why are you cracking your knuckles so hard ? What is the matter ?”  ” Mom, Paul is here. I saw him in the parking lot. I hope he does not ruin this day. It is my day. “ …

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Aria was in her mid-20s and had lost her eyesight during birth due to some congenital conditions. Aria’s vision impairment did not stop her from living the kind of life she wanted.    Aria excelled academically and she was a good athlete too. Aria lived with her parents and younger sister who had always motivated …

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Vyshali and Sharan had completed five years of their marriage. They were just back home from their vacation. After all the unpacking was done, Vyshali wanted to get some rest. It was a Monday afternoon and Sharan had gone to work. After Vyshali had completed her work, she was lying on the bed gazing at …