Live life to the fullest- blog post of Akshata Shanbbag


LIFE…We all go through peaks and valleys in our lives. Each one of us has different methods of coping mechanisms. But sometimes few people take extreme steps like Suicide and end their life. At any point in your life, has the thought of suicide crossed your mind? 


Due to various reasons, a person decides to end his/her life. But if he/she pauses for a second and thinks about his/her course of action and what impact it would have on their near and dear ones and in the first place is it worth taking this extreme step then it might stop that person from committing such a horrendous act-suicide.


When we read or get to know about someone who has committed suicide, we often think on these lines- that person was rich then why? he/she has everything in life but yet he/she did something like this? But then at that very second what had made that person take such a decision irrespective of being rich or poor, successful or not, no one except that person who had committed that act knows. It’s heartbreaking to hear when someone has committed suicide and ended their life.  


Jayatirtha (Hindu philosopher and sixth pontiff of Madhavacharya Peetha) points out in particular that a positive hankering towards “happiness” could be seen to be at the root of all attempts of persons suffering from incurable maladies to put an end to their lives by suicide.


In my life, I have come across at least a handful of people who have committed suicide. Some were in debt, a few had personal issues and a few others the reasons were trivial( according to their family members) to commit this act. Kith and kin grief over their loss and for a few it’s the talk of the town.  Time flies by but I am sure they are always missed leaving a void in the life of their loved ones. 


Many people out there are fighting for their lives. Some of them are suffering from life-threatening diseases and they know that they will not be able to make it and they wished and hoped that they get just one chance to live life all over again and make it beautiful for themselves. Then few people out there decide to end their lives. 


You get to live life only once. Be STRONG. Be bold. Live. Love. Laugh. Believe that it’s worth giving it a shot.



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