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“Realise that everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo Da Vinci.

Once a wolf has a bone stuck in his throat. He hires a crane for a large sum of gold, to put her head in his throat and remove the bone. When the crane removes the bone, she demands her reward. The wolf smiles and replies, surely you have been given enough reward by me not eating you.

Well, we all expect a reward when we do something for someone. At least a thank you. Don’t we? Some people are generous enough to reward depending upon the circumstances and the least anyone can do is say a thank you for what you have done.

But then a small bracket of people don’t fall in either category. No gratitude. To them, they feel that the person who offered help has done it willingly. They did not come forward and ask for help but instead, you offered to help. For a few others, the word gratitude is missing from their dictionary because that is their nature and no one can change that.

Therefore, if you help someone, it is out of the kindness of your own heart. If you are not rewarded for your good deeds, it’s not your fault. You have done what best you could do. It is selfish to think you will be rewarded in all situations of kindness. Sometimes it’s about building a positive relationship with that person and not the reward.

Even when we do an act of kindness, we must not publicise it. It merely means that you do something so that you are praised for what you have done. That becomes the main motto of your help. Rather, let your work do the talking. At the end of the day, when you are content with what you have done with a clear conscience, that’s what matters the most. We are answerable to one supreme power-God. When he is watching you, be rest assured that your deeds will be rewarded by him and there is nothing that we have to frown on.

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana.


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  1. Nice one 👌👌
    Some survive on appreciation and Thankyou and some do not have the word ‘Thank you’ in their dictionary.
    Being Kind is beautiful !
    No act of kindness is ever wasted !!

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