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I remember every single detail of the day my daughter was born. As the D-day approached, there was a moment when I hesitated, almost wishing for her to stay inside me, a touch of separation anxiety. Looking back on it now, I can’t help but smile at that fleeting thought.

On the day of her birth, when my gynecologist asked my husband about the baby’s gender after the delivery, I was filled with anticipation, waiting for his response. I looked at him, and his smile told me everything. The doctor confirmed, “It’s a girl.” Tears welled up in my eyes, and I quietly whispered to myself, “Princess.” I had always wished for a daughter. Daughters truly are Angels in disguise, aren’t they?

I vividly recall the first time I held her close, her first kiss, the first time I breastfed her, her first picture, and countless other first moments – they remain etched in my memory. Due to the pandemic, her first year of schooling was online, but this year, her on-campus school resumed.

I experienced a unique mix of emotions as I thought about V (my daughter, whose name starts with the letter V) spending a little over three hours in school. It’s a natural feeling for every mother. I want her to go to school, learn, play, and enjoy because school is where I had a great time. However, it’s also the first time I’d be leaving V among people other than our family. So far, I had hardly been away from her. When I did leave, it was always with my husband or grandparents. I was confident that V would adapt well to her new environment.

Seeing my daughter in her school uniform filled us all with excitement, but I couldn’t shake off the underlying anxiety. Time seems to fly by so quickly. It felt like just yesterday when I held her tiny hands, and now she’s all grown up and off to school. My eyes were moist with emotion.

My husband and I dropped her off at the school gate, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she walked inside. Once we got home, I carried on with my daily routine, but my mind was fixated on my daughter. I kept wondering, “Is she okay? Has she eaten her snack? Is she enjoying it?” My thoughts were unending, and I eagerly anticipated picking her up.

We waited at the school gate, and as school hours ended, the teachers started bringing all the students out. We scanned the crowd for our little one, and when we spotted her, my heart swelled with joy. I waved to her, and she saw me, responding with a smile. V came to us and told us she had a wonderful time in school. We returned home, happiness in our hearts.

This is a phase all parents go through. It’s exciting, and most mothers experience some degree of anxiety during the first few days, from what I’ve heard. This is just the beginning, and there’s a long journey ahead, both for parents and their children.

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  1. You’ve depicted the truth in such a way that it brought a wonderful feel for the day… Keep writing and posting 🙂

  2. Loved your writing Akshatha
    You have expressed your thoughts so well – something all of us mothers have felt!
    Happy school days to little V

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