We all have different priorities in life and with time some of them change. It depends on individual preferences.

One day, my friend (not closely related) and I were having an arbitrary conversation and while talking, she told me,
“It’s important to have luxuries in life. Money is everything.”
I nodded my head, not in agreement but wasn’t sure what exactly I needed to respond.

Money, gold, land, and palatial houses were synonyms of luxury to her (cannot deny that though) but what surprised me was when she mentioned that it was okay with her if her spouse isn’t loving, caring, passionate, intimate, sharing a common interest and hobbies, having heart-to-heart conversations, etc.

I chose to remain silent rather than indulge in an argument and listen further as she had more to add.

She continued –
“Just imagine you have a partner who is so loving, and romantic but can’t afford to supply groceries and feed. Having such a partner is pointless. Worthless.
Therefore I am content with the kind of life I have. Even if my partner does not care about my emotional and physical needs, it does not bother or affect me. I am enjoying the resources which he has to offer. People look at you and respect you when you have money and I love that attention.”

Well, I was dumbstruck. I would choose love and my mental well-being over any of the materialistic things that might give temporary euphoria. Admitted money is power ( mostly ), and luxury brings joy. Just imagine a life where you have all the luxuries. Everything. You name it and you have it but then if you don’t have anyone to share your feelings, converse, laugh, love, be loved…do you think this kind of life is worth it?

When you return home you know someone you love and care about is waiting for you. That brings true joy. Rather than having all the luxuries of life and you are all by yourself or you are just staying with someone because you need to so that you can enjoy those materialistic possessions. In reality, that kind of life is filled with a void.

Sadly, materialism instead of true love has become a benchmark of what people choose to be or stay in a relationship with somebody.

Love alone cannot fulfill all the needs (not just your needs, your wants play a role too). Agreed. Love might be overrated. It is an emotion and different people have different perspectives about it. For some, love is a priority and for others, it is luxury (love excluded). Having a combination of luxury and true love is awesome but what is more important in your life is your choice if you had to pick one. In the end, it all boils down to priorities. Right?

So what are your thoughts? What weighs more in your life? Do leave your comments below.

” The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money.” 

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  1. Rightly said Akshata !!
    ” The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money.”
    But money is power and many people sadly prioritise it over other things and are quite content with the choice they make.

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