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” C’mon Julie, let’s go to the pub.
Just because you had a breakup with Liam doesn’t mean the world has ended.
It’s been two months.
You are a party animal.
Let’s go, Julie. ”

Julie and Liam were a couple. Their love story lasted for a little more than two years before Liam cheated on Julie and their relationship was called off. Julie was deeply hurt. She was trying her best to come out of the pain. Her best friend Ayesha was making honest efforts to pull Julie out of the trauma. That night, Ayesha did not give up. She made Julie get dressed and dragged her along to the pub.

” Are you going to sit here like a moron or join the dance floor with me, Julie? ”
” Ayesha, please. You forced me to come and here I am.
You go and dance. I will join you later. ”
” Fine, Julie, suit yourself. Glance around there are so many guys.
If you are lucky enough you will find someone tonight.”

Ayesha was on the dance floor. Julie walked up to the bar. She made herself comfortable at the table. As she was having her wine, she looked around and to her surprise, she saw Liam at the pub with his girlfriend. He looked so happy.

” Oh no, what is he doing here? Out of all the pubs he had to come here?” Julie whispered to herself.
She tried to conceal herself but in the process, Liam was quick enough to notice her. Julie saw him walking towards her along with his girlfriend. She did not know what to do. Next to her was this tall, handsome man standing browsing on his phone. Julie promptly moved to him and asked if he was single. His reply was a yes. Julie kissed him and made sure Liam saw it.

” Hey Julie, what a surprise. So nice to see you.
You must have met Taira, my girlfriend. ”
Upon looking at Taira, Julie was raging in anger but she controlled herself. She ignored Taira.

” Oh, Liam. Hi.
Meet my boyfriend…”
That man was shocked to hear. He looked at Julie and raised his eyebrows.
” Excuse me…”
Julie tapped her feet on his ,indicating to keep his mouth shut. He introduced himself to Liam as Josh.
” So Josh, how long have you been dating each other? ”
Julie instantly replied –
” Shortly after we broke up.
I am so glad that Josh pitched in at the right time in my life. ”
The music changed and it was one of Julie’s favourite dance numbers. She pulled Josh along with her to the dance floor. She was dancing like crazy. Josh was just standing and watching her.

” So Julie, will you tell me what is happening here?
You kiss me and then tell your ex that I am your boyfriend. ”
Julie stopped dancing and looked at Josh.
” Can you please keep it this way until we are out of here?
I want to show that b*st**d that I have a life without him and I am happy.
Please I request you, Josh. ”
Josh obliged. He understood that Julie was deeply hurt and did not want to disappoint her more.

After the party, they both parted ways but before doing so, they exchanged their numbers. One day she got a call from Liam inviting Julie and Josh to his engagement with Taira. Julie was hurt because she still had feelings for Liam.

Julie and Josh went to the engagement ceremony. Julie put a fake smile on her face. When she went to congratulate Liam, he asked Julie when they would get engaged.
” Very soon Liam. We will keep you posted.” Josh replied and looked at Julie. He smiled and winked.

” Julie, you have to move on.
Look at Liam he has moved on.
Don’t do this to yourself. ” Josh advised Julie. Ayesha too was at the ceremony. She agreed with Josh. Over the next couple of weeks, Ayesha and Josh helped Julie to come out of this pain. Julie took a while but eventually, she did. Julie had found a good friend in Josh.Ayesha, Julie and Josh often hung out together.

“Julie, I think our journey was until here.
So glad to have known you.
I am moving to Australia for work.
Maybe a year or more than that.
We will stay in touch though. ”
Saying this Josh hugged Julie. They had dinner together and the next day Josh was leaving the country.

Julie had a weird feeling. She could not sleep that night. She was tossing and turning on her bed.She had made up her mind and went straight to the airport. She was waiting for Josh. When Josh arrived at the airport, she was elated. She wanted to run and hug him. Just then she saw a lady walking along with Josh. Both were laughing their hearts out. Julie’s heart was broken. She thought ” Oh no, not again .God. ”

When Josh saw Julie, he was surprised.
” Julie, what are you doing here? ”
” I thought I would surprise you, Josh.
But then to me, it seems like you have surprised me. ”
Josh did not understand what Julie was trying to say.
” Who is this along with you Josh?
Do you know why I came here?
I couldn’t sleep. The very thought that you are leaving and I will not be able to see you for God knows how long was taking a toll on me.
Then I realised, I love you. I wanted to tell you in person.
But then it seems like you already have someone in your life.
You were with me as my friend for so long. Knew everything about my life but you did not bother to tell me about yourself. About her.

” Julie, you have to calm down.
This is Lili. My….”
Julie was not interested. She kept talking without hearing Liam out.
” I don’t care if she is Lili, Jasmin, Rose or Tulip…
You betrayed me as a friend. First Liam and now…..”
” Julie, will you stop….” Josh tried to intervene but Julie was going on and on.
Josh could not take it anymore. He kissed her. Julie was stunned. Then he looked at Julie-
” Lili is my colleague.
We are on the same project and are flying together.
I love you too. I fell in love on the day you kissed me in the pub.
I wanted to tell you. Every time I met you I wanted to let you know how much I love you.
But I wasn’t sure if you were ready for another relationship. ”

Julie was happy. She hugged him tightly. Shortly Julie joined Josh and they got married in Australia. After Josh completed his project, the three of them returned to their home country. Josh, Julie and their little bundle of joy – Amy.


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