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” Hello, Mrs George open your eyes. Can you hear us ?”

“Nurse Martha, what’s happening why isn’t Anna responding” asked George anxiously to nurse Martha. Dr Cooper had arrived and checked on Mrs George.

Dr Adam Gills had finished his duty for the day and when he was on his way out of the hospital, he had heard the chaos across the room and had enquired what was happening.

When Anna had heard Adam’s voice, she opened his eyes, looked at George and said ” Christopher’s dress and teddy”. George wanted to stay with Anna and hence Dr Adam said that he would go home and bring what Mrs George has asked for – George had obliged.

Anna was a dynamic woman. George was equally energetic. Both had met during their graduation years and after they had finished their studies, got married in a private ceremony and later had a lavish reception. Together they had started a business on a small scale – construction and interiors. Their work was one of the best in the city and slowly their business had expanded.

After Anna had given birth to their first child – Scarlett, Anna had taken a sabbatical. She would sometimes assist George if needed but from home. Anna loved to spend time with Scarlett. Scarlett looked as pretty as a picture- blonde hair, rosy cheeks, blue eyes. Anna had personally taken care of all her needs. When Scarlett was four years old, she had a baby brother Christopher. Christopher too looked like his sister. They bonded well. Anna had counted her blessings and thanked God for this wonderful gift – her family.

Anna would take her children to the park often and they enjoyed their time. The day after Christopher’s first birthday, Anna had taken her kids to the park as usual. Scarlett played on the slide. Anna had stood right next to the slide. Scarlett had lost her balance while climbing and Anna had run to hold her. Within a blink of an eye, when Anna had turned around she saw a man who sprinted away with Christopher. Anna had screamed for help, she had quickly carried Scarlett in her arms and had tried to look for the man but it was like he had disappeared in the air.

When Anna had reached home, she had narrated to George the events that had taken place and they had filed a complaint. Handbills and posters were distributed which had read that anyone who gave any information on Christopher would be awarded. Time had passed and there was no insight about Christopher. Their lives had moved on without Christopher in it.

Outwardly Anna had looked happy but the absence of her son had made her hollow from within. She had felt that guilt that it was because of her negligence they had lost Christopher. Years had gone by, Scarlett had finished her graduation. As a child, she had loved looking at the aeroplanes when they flew above her in the sky. She was curious to know how they flew. This curiosity had aspired her to become a pilot.

Scarlett would rarely be at home and George would be busy at work. Anna had felt lonely. She had engaged herself in many activities which had kept her physically and mentally occupied. Not a single day had gone by where she hadn’t thought about Christopher. When she had missed him hard, she would hug his clothes especially the one which he had worn that morning before going to the park. Anna had carefully preserved his toys and his room was neatly maintained. Anna would do the housekeeping of that room by herself and keep it locked in the hope that when Christopher got back home someday, she would give him his room- neat.

There wasn’t a single picture or any photo of Christopher in the house except his room because Anna would often get disturbed and break down. George had seen Anna in her worst phase and he did not want to lose her. Whenever Scarlett had an opportunity, she would make most of it and spend time at home with her family.

One evening when all the three had been strolling in the park, a man ran past them. That man was an athlete and that was his practice. But when Anna had seen him, suddenly her head had spun and she had recollected the incident where her son had been kidnapped and a man in a similar fashion had sprinted along with her son. Anna fainted and crumpled to the floor.

Later when Anna had opened her eyes, she found herself in the hospital bed. Vaguely she has heard people talking around her. Anna had called out for George and when the nurse had learnt that Anna had gained consciousness, she had informed the doctor first and later her family.

Dr Adam Gills visited Anna and introduced himself. He had informed Anna that there was nothing to fret about and it was just a panic attack due to stress. Dr Gills instructed Anna to look after herself and had spoken to her in a light-hearted manner and she had swiftly become cheerful. George and Scarlett had arrived in the room. Dr Gills had advised them of the necessary care that they should take for Mrs Anna.

Anna’s condition had improved to a good extent. She would visit Dr Adam for routine checkups. Sometimes Dr Adam would visit her home. Anna had felt optimistic when she would talk to him and had an empathetic corner for Dr Adam. He had often reminded her of Christopher. George had recited the story about Christopher to Dr Adam Gills and hence he had a tender spot for Mrs George.

Adam was the son of Sara and Keith Gills. When Adam was ten he had lost his father in a car accident. He had seen him suffer for life and hence he had decided to become a doctor when he grew up so that he could do his best to save lives. His mom Sara, loved Adam immensely.  Sara had quit her job after Adam had come into their lives. After she had lost her husband, Sara had resumed work. Sara took good care of Adam and had tried her best to provide him with a good education.  Adam was a doting son.

Anna had developed an affinity for Adam. She felt like she had found her lost son Christopher in Adam. Adam had become a part of the family. Scarlett wasn’t happy with this setup. She did not like Adam’s growing fondness for her family. But since it had kept her mother cheerful,  she would not intervene much. Scarlett had begun to spend fewer holidays at home after Adam had entered their lives.

Anna wanted to meet Sara as Adam had often spoken about her but Sara was a little reluctant as she did not want to mix Adam’s professional life and had also conveyed to Adam that he should treat Anna like one of his patients and proximity with the patients wasn’t healthy. Adam had agreed to what his mother had told him to do. But it was Anna who would press Adam to meet her or talk to her at least every week for a few minutes. Considering Anna’s state of mind Adam had obliged.

It was Christopher’s twenty-fifth birthday. Anna had walked into his room after a long gap After she had browsed through the album and the portraits on the wall, she had caressed some of his toys. Anna’s eyes were moist. She had recalled Christopher playing with these toys. Slowly she had begun to cry out loud. George who was in the adjacent room had heard Anna weeping. He was saddened too. He had thought for himself that even after all these years Anna had still not gotten over the grief. George had decided to go and comfort Anna. When he had walked into the room, he saw that Anna was lying in an unconscious state on the floor. He had rushed towards her and immediately taken her to the hospital.

On his way to the hospital, George had called Adam and had informed him about Anna’s condition. Scarlett was on duty and hence George had left her a voicemail.

“Where is Dr Adam Gills call him immediately ” George had become restless at the hospital reception.

” You need to calm down Sir. We have informed Dr Gills” said the receptionist.

Adam had arrived and after examining the said -“Mrs George has had an attack and we need to operate her immediately.”

After a couple of hours, Adam had arrived at the waiting lounge where George who had been seated and had told him that Dr Cooper, his senior doctor had taken up the case.

“Mr . George, Mrs George condition is a little critical. Dr Cooper has done his best. Christopher’s absence has affected her away too much and she is unable to come out if. If this continues,  it’s going to become hard going further. When her condition becomes stable, they will shift her to the ward. Dr Cooper will discuss in detail later ” saying this Adam had walked away.

It had been two days after the operation and there wasn’t significant improvement in Anna’s condition. George and Scarlett would take turns to be beside Anna at the hospital. Anna was fast asleep and suddenly she had woken up and behaved like she had some kind of convulsions. Her eyes were closed. Then all of sudden she had become normal again.  This had happened a couple of times and George had called out for the nurse.

Hello,  Mrs George open your eyes. Can you hear us ?”

“Nurse Martha, what’s happening why isn’t Anna responding” asked George anxiously to nurse Martha. Dr Cooper had arrived and checked on Mrs George.

Dr Adam Gills had finished his duty for the day and when he was on his way out of the hospital he had heard the chaos across the room and enquired what was happening.

When Anna had heard Adam’s voice, she opened her eyes, looked at George and said ” Christopher’s dress and teddy”. George wanted to stay with them and said that he would go home and bring what Mrs George had asked for. George had obliged.

Part -2

Adam was well versed with the house as he had been there many times Christopher’s room was the only place that he hadn’t visited. Adam had tried to beat the traffic and reach home as fast as he could. The domestic help had opened the door for Adam. George had informed her that Adam would arrive and he is directed to Christopher’s room as Anna specifically wanted Adam to go fetch the dress which Christopher had worn on the morning before he had been kidnapped. Anna had not washed that dress since then as she could smell the baby fragrance from it.

Adam had called George and asked him where he could find what Mrs George wanted. George had told him where to find the things and also conveyed to him that he need not hurry as Anna had been sedated and for the next couple of hours she would be sleeping. Adam was relieved upon hearing that the condition was under control. He had gathered the stuff. As he wanted to exit,he stumbled upon the album. He had reached the floor to pick it up and suddenly had noticed the portraits on the wall Then he had opened the album and looked at the pictures.

Adam was astonished by what he had seen. He had whispered “Christopher”. He had run his fingers through the pictures and his eyes were damp. The pictures were his. He remembered seeing his childhood pictures as Sara and Keith had taken a lot of them in his growing years.  Adam was so confused. He wasn’t able to connect the dots. Adam suddenly had remembered his mom Sara asking him to stay away from Mr George and family and also if he had seen Christopher’s photos. Slowly things had begun to make sense to Adam.

Adam immediately had called Sara and had narrated what he had just seen.
” Mom I need you,to tell the truth. Am I your biological son ?? Who had kidnapped me? Can you please tell me what’s going on? What’s going on mom ??” Adam began to yell over the phone.

Scarlett had just returned home after she had run some errands for her dad. When she had learnt that Adam was home, she had become furious and had run towards Christopher’s room. When she had heard Adam talking over the phone, she had stopped at the entrance of the room and tried to eavesdrop.

Adam had put the phone on speaker and had begun digging to find more stuff. He had found paper cutting, flyers -everything related to Christopher’s kidnapping.
Sara began talking- ” I am sorry son. I am sorry. Your dad (Keith) had kidnapped you from the park twenty-five years back. We had been trying to have a baby. All the attempts had failed. My condition was so worse that I almost had a nervous breakdown. Keith could not bear my suffering. I had no idea that he would take this extreme step. ” Sara sobbed.

Further, she continued ” Keith told me that he had found you in the park unattended and looked for the parents. No one in the park knew about it. Hence he had decided to get you home. I (Sara)  wanted to go to the police but your dad stopped me from doing so. He comforted me by telling me that if we went to the police, they would think we had kidnapped the child. I was scared. For several months we hadn’t stepped outside. “

“After a couple of months, we moved to another location to avoid all of this. When your father was at the hospital after the accident, he had confessed to me that he had kidnapped you. He was sorry for hiding this truth from me and said that it was all for me ( Sara) he had done this. I was stupified on hearing that but it was too late to take any action. “

” As luck had it, you ( Adam) got a job in this city and we had to move back in here. I wanted to tell you Adam but I was scared of losing you. I would have eventually told you everything, my son.”
” When mom, when ?? When does Mrs George dies? ” Adam had replied in anger.
” I am sorry son. I am.  Please please forgive me. ” Sara was sobbing over the phone. Adam had disconnected the call and had sat on the floor crying.  Mrs George was his birth mom and he had no inkling about it. He had felt so sorry for her.

Scarlett who had heard the conversation had stepped inside and had sat next to Adam on the floor. She had kept her hand on his shoulder- “you are Christopher ??. I heard the conversation. I am so sorry for disliking you, my brother.” They both hugged. Adam wanted to rush to the hospital.  Scarlett had accompanied him.

Adam drove the car while Scarlett had called her dad to tell him about Adam. When George had heard that Adam was their lost son Christopher, he was elated. Scarlett had told George that they were on their way to the hospital. George had informed this news to Anna. Anna had just woken up but she had still felt dizzy. Anna was happy to hear about Adam. She thought maybe that could be the reason why she had always felt so close to Adam.

Anna had felt uncomfortable and her pulse rate had become erratic. George had thought that because she had heard about Christopher she was excited. But then when the condition had gotten worse and he was forced to call the doctor. Anna had done enough damage to herself already. She was also on anti-depressants all these years. Her body was filled with various medications.

It was rush hour and hence Adam and Scarlett had to spend a lot of time on the road. Both of them had utilised this opportunity to become acquainted with each other. Adam was pleased as punch. They had arrived at the hospital. They had galloped to meet Anna. Anna had kept looking at the door waiting for Adam. Her pulse rate had dropped.
“Mom,” said Adam as he had stood at the door. Anna had glanced at Adam. Her eyes misted over when she had seen him. Adam had quickly moved towards her. Anna’s eyes had closed within a flash of an eyelid.

“Mom, this is your Christopher open your eyes. ” Anna’s pulse had stopped. Adam realised that he had lost his mother. It had seemed like Anna was just waiting to hear the word ‘Mom’ from Adam. George and Scarlett mourned Anna’s death. Adam had kissed  Anna on her forehead and had sat next to her lamenting.


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