One Nation India.Unity is post of Akshata Shanbhag


General Edward had been appointed as the new Mayor, and on a Sunday morning, he gathered the townspeople on the Municipal grounds to address them about the changes he intended to make. Imran’s anger flared up, feeling that the ruling power was unwilling to leave their country. He hurled a stone at General Edward, shouting for him to leave the country. The stone struck the General, causing him to bleed. The police sought to identify the culprit, warning of severe punishment.

Amid Imran’s nervousness, Krishna bravely claimed responsibility. Imran, however, stepped forward, asserting that he was the one behind it. This sparked a series of individuals admitting their involvement, standing together in solidarity. The General, angered by this united front, left the scene, ending the gathering abruptly.

The crowd shared glances, breaking into laughter. They vowed to remain united, believing that such unity could drive the British government out of the country. Voices filled the air with slogans like “Vande Mataram” and “Jai Hind.” With that, the assembly dispersed, each person returning to their homes.

The incident showcased the power of unity and the principle of “united we stand.”It illustrated that when people come together with a shared purpose, they can overcome challenges and create a force that’s greater than any individual effort.



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