One Nation India.Unity is post of Akshata Shanbhag


General Edward was appointed as the new Mayor. He wanted to address the people of the town and hence had asked them to gather on the Municipal grounds. People had gathered on a Sunday morning. General Edward began his speech and wanted to tell the people what changes he had decided to bring about in the system.


Imran was enraged. He had thought that instead of leaving our country, they wanted to continue ruling. He had picked up a stone and hit it hard on the General and screamed –

“Get the hell out of our country.”

General had started to bleed. The police present there wanted to know who had committed this offence.

“Come forward yourself. If we find out then the punishment is going to be severe.”


Imran was nervous. He had stood silent. On seeing his nervousness, Krishna had raised his hand-

“It was me,” he said. 

Imran then stepped forward-

“No, no. It’s not him. It’s me.” 

Like this one by one had come forward and had admitted that they had committed the offence and had stood together hand in hand. This had angered the General and he had left the premises. The gathering was adjourned. 


The people gathered there then looked at each other and had started laughing. They had decided to stand united similarly and believed that they could soon kick the British government from the country. Then they began sloganeering- 

” Vande Mataram.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind.” 

Saying this, the crowd had dispersed and went back home.



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