Good Habits with Lily


 Meet Lily . Lily loves to start her day with a big smile.



Lily brushes her teeth every morning to keep them shiny and clean.



Lily loves to eat a healthy breakfast. She eats fruits and drinks milk.



Lily always helps her Mom and Dad with chores. Today, she’s helping to water the plants.



Lily enjoys her playtime. After playing with her toys, she cleans up and puts them back on the rack.



Before eating, Lily always washes her hands with soap. Dirty hands can make you sick, so remember to wash your hands before every meal.



Lily uses magic words like ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and ‘sorry’ when needed. She also prays regularly.



Lily brushes her teeth before going to bed at night.



Before going to bed, Lily reads a book. She loves bedtime stories!

Lily sleeps well because she has good habits. Sweet dreams, Lily!



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