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Dhwani had lost her husband Prakash who was in the Indian Army when she was pregnant with their second child. Her elder son Jai was five. They had a lot of dreams. Prakash had promised that he would join Dhwani in the labour room as he had missed it during their first. Dhwani’s world was shattered. But she was proud that he had sacrificed his life for the nation. She gave birth to a baby girl Ria.

After her parents had died, it was her brother Arvind who was her only support. When her children had started going to school, Dhwani had decided that she too would join the army. Her dedication got her a position in the Indian Army. Every year when Dhwani would tie Rakhi to Arvind, she would take a promise from him that if anything would happen to her, he would look after her children.

It was Raksha Bandhan. Arvind was waiting for Dhwani. He had received a call stating that Dhwani was killed on the war front. Arvind had trembled when he had heard the news. He did not know how to convey it to the children. Arvind had gathered courage and divulged the news. To his surprise, the children had not reacted the way he had expected them to. Arvind had later learnt that Dhwani had prepared them for this day.

Coincidentally, Dhwani and Prakash had died on the same day. The children were proud of their parents. They also had decided that they too would serve the country when they grew up. Arvind was happy with their enthusiasm. He had supported them in all ways to fulfill their dreams. Later, Jai had joined the Indian Navy and Ria was an Airforce pilot.


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