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Lakshmi ( name changed) was a domestic worker.  Well dressed she would turn up to work every day.  Lakshmi was lively and energetic. Full of life. She was never found taking a break from work. She had three sons and was wife to Hari ( name changed) who was a vegetable vendor.


It had been three days since Lakshmi had not shown up to work. Her cell phone was not reachable and there were no other means to contact her. She had shown up on day four – limping, face bruised and she had wrapped herself in a sari. 


Upon being pressed to divulge the truth, she said that her husband had beaten her black and blue. In the process, he had even damaged her phone. Her kids had panicked from the episode. She had requested her brother to take her kids with him for a few days. She had also mentioned that this kind of incident was a common scene at her place. 


Hari was raged because Lakshmi had not given her salary to him. He had fallen short of money for his alcohol and when she had refused to give, he had started to beat her up. When it was suggested to  Lakshmi that domestic violence is not right and since it happened earlier many a times, she should take the help of the police or any women welfare organisation who would help her out with domestic violence cases,she had declined. She had feared that she might lose him altogether. Though he would misbehave with her, she did not want to take such extreme steps. Lakshmi had learned to live with it. 


Lakshmi had believed and hoped that he might mend his ways someday and things would go back to normal like they used to be. She had a smile on her face and continued to work.

Though so much was going on in her life, Lakshmi led her life with zeal and passion.



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