Accolades- Fiction Series


Daisy :

In the midst of suspicions about her husband David’s fidelity, Elizabeth Grant enlists the services of detective Daisy. Determined to unveil the truth before their 25th wedding anniversary, Elizabeth’s plan takes an unexpected turn when Daisy finds herself entangled in the case and unexpectedly falling in love. As events unfold, the twists and turns shock the couple. Dive into the thrilling romance of ‘Daisy’ to discover what happens next.

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The Love Chronicles :

Embark on a journey through eight distinct love stories, each offering a unique perspective on love. From discovering love later in life to making sacrifices for love, and experiencing the myriad emotions it entails, these tales capture the essence of romance. Delve into ‘The Love Chronicles’ for a captivating exploration of love in all its forms.

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Lost and Found :

Explore the boundless and unconditional love of a mother for her child in this poignant narrative. Centered around Anna’s son, Christopher, who is tragically kidnapped, the story chronicles Anna’s profound transformation as she navigates life without him. However, when Anna finally reunites with her son, the bittersweet reality sets in—it’s a reunion marred by the passage of time, leaving Anna to grapple with the poignant realization that their time together is now fleeting. Experience the touching tale of ‘Lost and Found’

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Dance with Me :

In this captivating series “Dance with Me !!” , follow the journey of Jia and Jahaan, two individuals brought together by chance encounters and the allure of dance. Through moments of laughter, secrets revealed, and heartfelt confessions, their story unfolds, showcasing the power of love and perseverance.

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The Business Man:

Family stands as a pillar of strength, a support system, and a cherished blessing in our lives. We often make sacrifices for their happiness and well-being. But what happens when that very support system crumbles, and you find yourself cast out by your own family? Follow Vikram’s journey as he tirelessly works to ensure his family’s happiness and needs are met, only to discover that he is no longer valued or needed by those he loves most.

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Spread Your Wings :

The story of ‘Spread Your Wings’ follows Avantika, who endured childhood abuse at the hands of her stepfather, while her mother, Aruna, refused to believe her. Meanwhile, Aruna herself faced hardships in her marriage to Nitesh, Avantika’s father, yet shielded Avantika from the pain. As time passes, Aruna realizes her mistake, but Avantika has distanced herself. Years later, when they reunite, an emotional bond brings them back together, and the trio finds happiness in their newfound unity.

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