Month: June 2024

Good Habits with Lily

   Meet Lily . Lily loves to start her day with a big smile.     Lily brushes her teeth every morning to keep them shiny and clean.     Lily loves to eat a healthy breakfast. She eats fruits and drinks milk.     Lily always helps her Mom and Dad with chores. Today, …

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U Turn

Imagine waking up in a mortuary every single day, only to relive events that always end in a fatal car crash.This is Saahil’s terrifying reality. Confused and scared, he desperately seeks to understand what’s happening to him and find a way to escape this deadly cycle.   Loud crying… Saahil wakes up and is outraged …

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Autorickshaw Ride !!

AIn recent times, Bangalore, India, has witnessed a proliferation of malls in almost every neighbourhood, irrespective of their size. However, around two decades ago, the presence of malls was a rare occurrence, and the emergence of this trend was a significant development. Unlike the current situation where visiting a mall for shopping is routine, in …

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